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    We just got back from our trip to Stone Mountain Park Campground in Georgia.  I must say the campground was beautiful with a variety of sites suitable for every kind of camper from full hook-up RV to primitive tent camping.  All are beautiful, shady and roomy.  You can fish in the lake, rent a rowboat, swim in the pool, gather a few companions for a game of volleyball or sit around a glowing marshmallow roasting campfire. They even have yurts for rent alongside the lake. Voila, camping in the round. Not sure what I would do if I got in trouble and had to sit in the corner!

Of course, the biggest attraction is the mountain itself with the very impressive carving of three historical figures.  Fun fact — the carving on Stone Mountain is bigger than the ones on Mt. Rushmore, both done by the same stone sculptor. Actually, he had a disagreement with the owner of Stone Mountain and left to go do Mount Rushmore.  We climbed the mountain walk up trail, whew, what a workout. OOOps, Fake News, we took the Sky Ride to the top of the mountain where you can see for miles, including the skyline of Atlanta. 832 feet up on a really big really windy rock. Great fun not to be missed if you travel to the Atlanta/Stone Mountain area.

I didn’t get a good picture of the actual carving on the side of the mountain, but this is a model of it from inside of Memorial Hall. There is a  circa 1940’s railroad that runs around the base of the mountain and a historic square where you can visit farm animals. I loved the goats at the farm. The handlers take them for a walk around the grounds every afternoon. They get very excited and are great fun to watch. It is very interesting to visit the historic plantation main house and the other authentic buildings that would be on a typical plantation. All the buildings are from plantations in the South. You can experience an authentic look at life during the Antebellum period in Georgia. The duck boats with their cool graphics and open side curtain windows will give you a thrill ride from land to water to land again without ever leaving the boat. Of course, the most spectacular experience of all at Stone Mountain is the Lasershow with state-of-the-art graphics shown against the side of the mountain at night.

Guess what? Stone Mountain is only a few miles from the center of everything, Atlanta.  Be sure to get a CityPass which is good for nine days and includes entrance to several downtown attractions for one very reasonable price.   We went to the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coke, and the CNN Center studio tour.    You can also visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the College Football Hall of Fame, and Zoo Atlanta. My favorite was the aquarium, especially the Baluga Whales and the Penguins. The whales are show-offs and swim by the viewing glass playing with green mats by taking them in their mouths as well as catching them with their flippers. Penguins mate for life, could be good, could be bad. One male penguin was dragging a towel type thing into his nitch presumably to dress it up for the wife.       She evidently did not appreciate his efforts because she looked at it and started squawking at him loudly. Poor guy, it isn’t like he had a local upscale home furnishings store to go to. The World of Coke is a great combination of digital displays, actual working bottling plant, and a great Coke tasting room where you can sample Coke products from all over the world. HOLY COW, some folks in other countries sure have different taste buds than I do! It was a lot of fun to experience the different flavors though. I found some that I wish they would produce in the good ole USA. Now for the CNN Center. HUGE! is how I would describe it.   When you enter the main lobby you a greeted by a massive main floor area lined with restaurants and shops.I enjoyed riding the worlds longest escalator, which goes up eight stories. The guided tour of the entire facility from top to bottom, with an eyes on view of how the news is produced from around the world, in this 24/7 365 news center was fantastic except for walking down about 20 some floors of stairs. OK, I admit it, my husband is old and grumpy and prefers elevators.Our Stone Mountain/Atlanta adventure was just plain fun while also enjoying the beautiful sunny clear crisp mornings of the Great State of Georgia. Put a trip like this on your list of must do’s, you will not be disappointed. Hit the road friends, and don’t forget to do it in GLAMPERS.LIFE style!