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We live in south Florida, so needless to say we’ve been through many hurricanes — David, Frances, Jeanne, Charlie, Andrew, Wilma, and Matthew to name a few, with the latest one being Irma.  No, we didn’t evacuate for most of them but every once in a while one comes along that says “GET OUT OF DODGE”. Irma spoke, we listened, and we decided to leave the extremely high wind speeds and the ever-present chance of flooding behind   Evacuating is never easy and it’s worse if you have pets that you can’t take to a shelter with you.  This time we were fortunate enough to own a Class C motorhome, so we loaded up the dogs and headed north.  Since it seemed like everyone in south Florida was evacuating you can imagine the traffic.  The turnpike and I-75 were like parking lots.  Our intended destination was Alachua, a little town just north of Gainesville.  We found a wonderful campground there named Travelers Campground.  It’s a family owned business with all the amenities; 30 or 50 amps hookups, water, sewer hookups, showers, restrooms, pool, laundromat, meeting room and small camp store. It also has a very unique feature called “Farm Animal Safari Land” on the property with a variety of friendly animals to make your stay even more pleasurable, The Ostrich and the Donkey are very funny characters to watch and talk to. This pleasant park is a popular spot for University of Florida football fans to stay when there is a home game in “The Swamp” since it’s so close to Gainesville.  In fact, we arrived there on a Friday with a big game scheduled for the next day.  Ordinarily, it would have been filled to capacity, but because of expected hurricane conditions, the game was canceled.  The park owners contacted out-of-state campers who were expected for the game and arranged for them to give up their spots for the evacuating south Floridians.  THEY WERE WONDERFUL TO US AND WE THANK THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  We will definitely go back there for a visit in the future when we can stay longer and enjoy everything the area has to offer. Gonna go talk to the “Animal Safari Land” residents too!