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As we all know as owners of Motorhomes or any type of RV, STUFF HAPPENS, unwanted stuff. So what to do when leaks occur, body damage is created by falling objects or vehicles that you are sure have less than a competent operator, bells and whistles quit whistling, things come apart, etc? Ya, it happened to us. A rear outside tire blew at 70MPH and the flapping tread tore off the fender flair, bent the exhaust pipe, badly damaged the bottoms of storage bays, damaged the side of the motorhome, etc.What a way to put a real damper on visions of another great travel adventure. we got the tire fixed and the rest of our trip went as planned and was enjoyable. Once back home comes the big question. WHERE DO WE TAKE OUR PRIDE AND JOY TO GET IT RESTORED TO LIKE NEW? For us, the answer was FLORIDA OUTDOORS RV on U.S.1 in Stuart, Florida. Steve, the Service Advisor, was superb to work with from the very first hello. He was very personable, a good listener and put us at ease immediately by answering all our questions and answers to questions we would never have thought to ask. His obvious detailed knowledge of the repair of all types of RV’s left us feeling secure that we had come to the right place. He invited us to visit during the repair process so the mechanic could walk us through what was being done. The mechanic, Levi, showed us all the damage that had occurred and explained the process he would use to make the proper repairs.He even had the RV up on a lift when we arrived enabling us to easily see the things he pointed out to us. WOW, that is what I call real customer service and real customer appreciation. Our pride and joy is now like new.  You can definitely trust your motorhome repairs to FLORIDA OUTDOORS in Stuart, Florida!