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I have to admit, I’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug.  Whatever way I go (camping, motorhome, glamping, etc.)  I love to see new places and experience new tastes and adventures.  I love the feeling of continual discovery.  There are many ways to remind you of your adventures when you arrive back home.  You can keep a travel diary, take photos, create videos, or buy souvenirs.  I’ve tried them all and each one has its benefits.  You can re-read your diary when you get home, show your photos and videos to friends, and display your souvenirs.  But I’ve discovered another way that works for me.  Wear your memories.

What do I mean by that?  Pick a piece of jewelry that reminds you of fun times whenever you wear it.  Of course, this can get a bit expensive, but I’ve discovered a beautiful collection of creative, inexpensive jewelry that fits me perfectly.  It’s called Pura Vida or “pure life” in Spanish.  The jewelry is created by individual artisans in different countries around the world.  Selling their creations provides income that quite often can be the difference between a life of poverty and one of financial security for them and their families.  This is what I call a “win-win” proposition — I get to benefit from their artistry and they reap the benefits of a better life.  They even have a new collection called “Wonderlust“.  I’ve included a link below that showcases the amazing variety of artistic expression available.  Check it out and enrich your life while helping others.


The link above is an affiliate link, meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission when you click on it and make a purchase.

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